World of Thedas doesn’t reveal Alistair’s mother but…

…it does give his birth year 9:10.  it’s the other dates that are disturbing.It  gives the year Maric let the Grey Wardens back into Ferelden:  9:10

It gives the year Maric accompanied the Grey Wardens into the Deep Roads:  9:14??  
Which doesn’t align with The Calling which says the Wardens arrived eight yearsafter Maric defeated Meghren - guess Bioware/Gaider time strikes again?

All this is on the timeline at the bottom of pages 140 and 141 btw,

If Maric and Fiona did not meet until 9:14, then there must be a third Theirin child wandering around Thedas?
And we’re left to wonder if Maric - who wasn’t known to be particularly promiscuous - really did have a child by a Redcliffe serving maid and if Goldana really is Alistair’s sister - Ewww!!!  Hey, maybe he was really lonely after Rowan’s death and it happened.  

A real blow to my headcanon though - I always saw Alistair as Fiona and Maric’s child.  And my story will now become really AU.