May 1

World of Thedas - Kindle Edition - Disappoints

I fired up my Kindle this morning to check email and there it was - WoT on Kindle.  Now I can highlight, search…..  oh wait….  Nnnnoooooooooo.  

I posted the following review on Amazon:

The hardcover gets 5 stars - lets be very clear - this review refers ONLY to the Kindle Edition and not to WoT content overall:
1. not searchable
2 can not enlarge type or enlarge the page - this makes the book unreadable even with Dalish eyes
3. can not highlight, make notes in the book, look up words, etc
4. only viewable as portrait
Bottom line: NO KINDLE FEATURES are available with this book - 0, zip, nada, none - rien four our Orlesian friends.

I bought this book on Kindle to use the features. I have the hard copy. I went through the Kindle entry on Amazon and found nothing warning me that no Kindle features worked on this book. If I had been warned I wouldn’t have purchased it. It did warn that it was only available on Kindle and not the PC reader, but I thought that’s OK.

I feel quite scammed. If Kindle features will not be available on a book the entry should say so to allow the buyer to make an INFORMED decision. Shame on you Amazon. Shame.

When you first open the book - a pop up will instruct you on how to use Kindle Frame reader (for comics) - don’t get excited - it doesn’t work either.   

CORRECTION:  Actually it does - double tap sharply to enlarge a teeny tiny section then double tap the enlargement to close it.  It’s not like the magnifier - you can’t move it around the page.  double tap - view - double tap; rinse and repeat as you go through the page & the book.  Still no highlights, notes, bookmarks, searches.   But at least you can read the print - albeit in teeny tiny increments.

As Wynne STILL  might say:  This is so annoying!